Saturday, January 14, 2017

Moving Fragment

Blast it!- the gods lied to me again.
I’m not the Proctologist of her dreams.
So forward nasty pilgim.s.
The [believing] grooves in my brain are trenches…
Of my ancestry.
Harpsicords. Electric drizzle stampedes the frequency
Of magnificent herds, like buffalo moving across
Three states before the grid reaper took all magnificent

To melt this bond of years

I happen to trace this angel’s lace through realms of the un-logic. Keys open the great gaping mouth, a gate, the chamber to breathing heaven; seething inner-shores of desirous moors: the palace is soft as flowers’ tears and morning rain.
You chain your star, the sparks splatter and drip like shimmering gauze be-sparkled with dew – a spider’s web castle? Perhaps a fortress, a room, a metaphysic landscape  of charred dreams of poets, of saints, of child-sighted minds.
I wonder at the face of thee, the form of solidified cloud,
I deem this splendor a part of me; that unsullied portion immortal proud.
Can I chance to break the bonds of man, the matter-fears brought to woesome tears of chain with links, cold, glistening and twinkle like stars of ice.
My heart must melt this bond of years.
A furnace I must tend. Feed this land the fuel of the brave, space between tree and house move only to the rhythm of Eternal Love.
This bird is of light, its silver, cold (hot) piercing brain fist is sent through the thickening waste.
Time is chaste of anything lost and do we put the memory there?
Is time the curse of the dead living or is it the cure?

The Fusion House

You guys want to see Fire-
Help me burn!

Keep your gods strait…

Every sperm is a Rob Crusoe;
Every zygote a resurrection god.

Stop feeling guilty.

Seaweed squid castle land;
Beehive graveyard a million
Years ago and apart…

If you want to know what’s going
To happen, ask the French. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Written Work Samples

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Written Work Samples

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Inception, idea, style, and lastly, technique

Sound To Flesh: Music (1)
Basically I am still learning that design work, mainly concept, must start with an idea. This begins a process of discovering what is wanted prior to even caring about the materials used to carry it out. Mainly this for me is what I have encountered with respect to commercial work. However, with my personal work things seem quite different: The images are inseparable with the materials being used. Case in point: my Sound To Flesh series. Here I am getting inspiration from the Bible. God speaks the Universe into being. "in the beginning God said let there be..." Genesis 1:1. I found that with dry mediums like charcoal I get the best results. Anyone who uses charcoal can sympathize with how vine charcoal glides almost like a feather across the surface. The smokey conjuring marks begin to define forms which can pass for an array of things simultaneously. As I am more definite and sure of what is before me, I get out the compressed charcoals and go at it from there. I have done at least twenty images, more or less, Not one has failed too miserably. I attribute this to the almost seamless relationship of my idea and materials.
STF Music (close up)
What This means is the image could not have been done if I did not use charcoal. If I used paint, it will look different. A series of tries seemed to be less fortunate than the charcoal works (at least, for me).  I do not have repros of this but I am currently working on a painting which started out good but like before I would not have known where to go if I wish to put a representational twist to things. I seem fixed to a point even with my charcoals. All is fine, as long as I do not try to veer too much to the representational.
Now, I wish to. So, I tried drawing out what forms seemed to be dictated to me-but it seemed too 'separate' from a seamless work flow, and I grew disinterested fast. I found that a more direct approach is needed. Ironically digital software became an answer:
Sound To Flesh (1st drawing of series)
Scanning my image into Photoshop allows me to paint seamlessly on the original in ways I could not previously- I can edit not having to throw the baby out with that bathwater.

Original oil sketch scanned and worked over in Photoshop